Malia’s Book Review was started after Malia’s teacher told her mom that Malia was giving out book recommendations in class. She would find out what the reader liked and then recommended a book for the student.

After some research online, Malia and her mom realized that there were not many  review sites that reviewed children’s book by other children.  Thus, Malia’s Book Review was started.

Fortunately, unfortunately, Malia has read MANY books in the past two years. Since this website is fairly new, we are in the process of recording past reviews, while reading new books.  We are in the process of compiling new book reviews from other students as well.

We hope you visit often and read our reviews. If you would like to submit a book for Malia to Review or recommend a book for Malia to read, please fill out our contact form.

Thank you for visiting.


Recent Reviews

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